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App Development Timeline: How Long Does It Take?

August 27, 20200

Set of Criteria

Since there is a boom in app development industry a set of criteria must be met before deciding the timeline.Mobile App Development Timeline is very important for everyone. A general rule is that the more time it takes more costly it is going to be. This blog will discuss the techniques to reduce the time required in mobile development.

Time Duration for app

Every app is exclusive henceforth the timeline is also diverse. Nevertheless in 2017 app development usually took 6 months on average, if managed properly while there were evidences of app development taking over 12 months where deadlines were not observed. This meant that there were more cost outlays and many corporations had to tolerate huge losses due to over budgeting.

Development and Quality control

Quality is another aspect to be taken care of because a low-slung quality product will not offer well in the market. Development and Quality control are time taking procedures however of developers build an MVP (minimum viable product). In this case least Mobile App Development Timeline is expected. The simple the app the lesser time will be required for its advance. However, if you are into something compound then it is going to take a while.

Size Insinuations

There are also size insinuations since size does matter in app development, the most space famished apps are games, therefore; are complicated to build which takes time. The four main points that impact the size of the app and development are:

  • Scope: it refers to the reach of each application meaning the goal viewers for example is your application built for a large organization with 100s of employees that has link to several APIs or is it for your neighborhood party planner? Secondly, scope also comprises of screen sizes for example a scope for android app will have to incorporate varying screen sizes with as iOS app won’t be that complicated.
  • Depth: It is related to user convenience, if you want your app to be reachable to users all the time or you need users to access when its essential. If you want constant contact, then you will have to build a more intricate version which will take a while.
  • Features: Features take time to develop, if your app is feature rich then it is more complicated to develop as it will be using custom plugins, whereas if it uses common plugins it won’t be that time taking
  • Purpose: Apps start with a clue, but it is likewise important to visibly define the idea so that it can be put to reality. The target user must be kept in mind, all the features must be designed accordingly, if you are developing a cab service app then there is no need to add social media marketing features as it will bloat the app and will reduce its usability

Have a realistic budget more change is not always a solution to every problem your budget must be according to the app you are developing for instance you cannot develop an app like snap chat or Instagram in $10,000 you will possibly require millions similarly you cannot reserve a huge amount for a neighborhood party planner.

Always decide the correct staffs for the right task. Outline responsibilities and also define who will complete those tasks as this will have a huge effect on your project accomplishment and eminence any mismatch here will reflect on all stages of development and many things go wrong in this step, though this should be the first step but task force cannot be defined until all the features and scope of application is not clearly defined.

Hayley Linden

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